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When you’re doing well financially, planning for the future without clarity is like taking a walk in the dark.

Where’s your starting point?

Something big just changed in my finances.

You now have a large amount of liquid capital, but no plan to grow it, protect it, or apply it strategically toward your life goals. You’re torn between gratitude and anxiety.

You need objective financial wisdom

I have investments here, there and all over the place.

Real estate deals, life insurance, a 401K... You feel like you’re taking random stabs with your investments. And random is not your preferred way of doing things.

You need clarity about investments

I'm doing very well right now...but what about the future?

Instead of enjoying your success you’re listening to niggling doubts and worries about the future. You have seen others like you lose it all. You know the possibility is real.

You need a plan for the future

I'm paying too much in taxes, is there something I should know?

You're struggling to know what to ask and who to ask. Between your accountant, lawyer, and insurance agent, you're tired of playing middleman between the professionals in your financial life.

You need expert tax guidance

Why you're here:

You’re a sincere, intentional person.

To you, money and wealth are simply tools for accomplishing your goals.

And because your finances are more than enough for living expenses, what to do next becomes a question that weighs heavily on you.

You want to make the right moves

You don’t want to leave anything to chance.

...So you start asking questions.

Questions Like:

How can I plan for the future so I’ll have the funds for all the things I want to do...when I want to do them?

What should I be investing in?

How can I prevent my family from wasting or misusing what we’ve been blessed with?

How can I invest in something aside from my own business… without making it into another time-consuming job?

What should I do to insure and protect my assets?

Are there tax strategies available to me that I should be aware of?

You realize these questions are important. Very important.

Not just because they impact you now.

Not just because they impact your family’s or even your community’s future.

But because wealth is your responsibility. And you want to handle it right.

...So you try.

You buy life insurance, home insurance and a 401k.
You dabble in real estate and stick a toe in the stock market.
You seek advice from your successful uncle.

(who just sold another business, and knows a thing or two about finances).

You bounce questions endlessly back and forth between your lawyer, accountant, and financial advisor.

But somehow, none of this feels right.

Because one thing is missing:


You don't want

a hodge-podge mix of investment products and insurances.

You don't want

half-baked answers, or answers that take 3 months to come...and only lead to more questions.

You want to do this right.

You want to do this intentionally, and wisely.

And you are so, so tired of kicking the can down the road.

It’s time for action.

But not more of the same action.

More all-over-the-place investment attempts

More waiting for your accountant to answer your complex questions

More time spent worrying about the future

More heavy-duty financial discussions with friends and relatives and friends-of-relatives.

No. Enough of that.

You want clarity.

You need a plan for leveraging your assets and finances to achieve your goals.

Without having to learn a whole new industry.

Without having to be occupied full-time with managing your finances.

You need a Comprehensive Financial Roadmap. And you want to find out more about this now.

Because here’s the truth about wise financial planning:

The smartest, most strategic moves are not about today.

Wise planners don’t focus on paying the minimum in taxes today

Or finding the investment that’s getting the highest return today

Or even investing today (when there may be an even smarter move).

What you need is a meticulous, thought-out strategy.

You should be taking steps that...

  • Work over time
  • Change with your circumstances
  • Help achieve YOUR goals (not those of your friend, neighbor, or financial advisor).

It doesn’t matter if you want to:

Buy homes for your children

Create a comfortable retirement

Build a legacy to give to your community

Put a wiser tax strategy in place

You need an objective financial roadmap that will finally give you:


Peace of mind

And the right next steps

At CSD Financial, we give you detailed, wise advice in a Comprehensive Financial Roadmap made just for you.

Here’s how it works in 5 steps.



Together, we take a deep dive into your financials, current investments, concerns, and priorities.


Set Goals

Based on your specific situation, we set financial, lifestyle and family goals for the short and long term.



Our team takes an objective, expert look at your current course of action. We research alternative strategies for you.


Get Roadmap

You receive a detailed financial plan that respects your risk tolerance while setting you up for achievement of your goals.


Implement Over Time

We partner with you to implement your Roadmap and periodically update your strategy to adapt to changing circumstances.

Trust is our core

Our clients have told us that in the very first conversation, they sensed we were the partner they’d been looking for. If you’re looking for a partner to help you reach your financial goals you owe yourself this conversation.

Bound byFiduciary oath

We promise to always act in your best interests.

Read the oath >

10 + years

We’ve worked with clients with complex financial situations, and have trained newer financial advisors.

IndependentRegistered Investment Advisory

The fact that we’re an Independent RIA means you can expect unbiased advice from our closely regulated firm.

Create one integrated plan using any or all of these components.

Get more options and research than you’d ever get from a large corporate firm.

Unlike big corporate planners, our firm does not limit you to ONE strategy or product. Your plan is creative, thoroughly researched and tailored to YOU.

How we do it:

We’re not afraid of research legwork

We consult with experts in individual markets

We curate skilled providers for high-quality referrals

How you benefit:

We’ll leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of perfect-fit solutions to your challenges or goals.

Not knowing the answer is not an option. We reach out to experts to get information that will impact your plan.

No matter your need, we connect you with providers we trust from our ever-growing network.

Start a conversation

Make a choice you feel right about.

Working with someone you trust brings peace to many areas of life.

Leave the future of your family to gut guesswork and piecemeal attempts at planning, hoping you don’t later regret it.

Play a perpetual game of middleman between your accountant, lawyer, and other advisors.

Ask advice from successful friends who don’t have time to really get to know you and your circumstances.

Invest as much as you can, wherever you happen to invest...and just pray it all works out in the end.

Talk to a financial expert who takes the time to get to know you and your circumstances thoroughly.

Get a targeted plan crafted to reach your individual goals.

Access the biggest names in banking, insurance, real estate, investment, law, and loans through one trusted partner who never takes possession of your funds.

Join others like you who are enjoying peace of mind and a plan for the future, thanks to a trusted financial partner.

Our clients tell us they trust us. Over and over again. And we know we’ve earned it.

Here's why:

We work for you only (no commissions, cuts, or kickbacks) so you can trust us for objective, committed guidance.

We maintain strict confidentiality.

As fiduciaries, we’re legally bound to act in your best interests.

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