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When you’re doing well financially, planning for the future without clarity is like taking a walk in the dark.

It's Time For Clarity

CSD Financial gives you expertise built on more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry.

We aspire to finally give you quality and objective advice. Experience a true sense of partnership with our flat-fee advisory model.


Comprehensive Financial Roadmap

Complete clarity about what to do with your money based on your specific goals, with deep expert analysis of your options.

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Investment Management

Custom, objective, and expert investment plan. Maximize tax savings, plan for retirement, create a safety net, or plan for future expenses.

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Answers to your financial questions from an adviser who has extensive experience with high-net-worth individuals.

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We curated trusted relationships.

Securely access the biggest names in investment through one trusted partner.

We never take possession of your funds.

We’ll advise you about any of the following and more

We get it.

“Integrity” is the most overused word in financial services.

So instead of offering airy promises, here are some very clear reasons to trust us.

We do for you as we’d want others to do for us.

We’d want pure honesty.

So we intentionally structure our firm on a flat-fee system which gives us the opportunity to provide objective, quality, and personalized advice.

We’d want reliable referrals.

So we never accept offers for kickbacks. We refer brokers, lawyers and other professionals strictly because we trust them, and believe you can too.

Get clarity on your financial plan

Meet the mind behind our method

Chesky Deutsch ChFC®, RICP®

Never Satisfied

Chesky started his career as a financial planner over a decade ago, but he was never satisfied with the status quo in the industry.

Chesky wanted to:
  • Deliver unadulterated value to his clients—without compromise.
  • Tailor plans for individuals— in an exceedingly custom fashion.
  • Give every individual peace of mind during the process of wealth growth.

Chesky founded CSD Financial, an Independent Registered Investment Advisory, to change the way advisors guide clients and manage their wealth.

Our clients are thought-out, intentional people.

We’re the same way.

That’s why we thought long and hard about structuring this company in a way that we believe will allow us to provide you with objective guidance.

Research validates the benefits of working with a firm like ours.

Image of Chesky Deutsch, ChFC®, RICP®
Chesky Deutsch, ChFC®, RICP®

Doing Financial Planning and investment management for a flat fee

Reducing Risk by Investing

Published 2021-10-11 00:00:00

We want to sleep well, and we want to sleep well TONIGHT. We care less about tomorrow night and way less about our sleep in 3,650 nights from now, we couldn’t care less about 10,950 nights from now for that matter.

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